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The AEROCLEAN degreaser

A tested and recognized cleaning product

The eco-friendly – TCCA approved – AEROCLEAN  cleaner and degreaser has been tested and recognized by the Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec (CRIQ), a partner company of the Government of Quebec that participates in the growth of innovative Quebec companies.


Instructions Main advantages Application

Simple, effective and fast

The powerful TCCA approved AEROCLEAN cleaner and degreaser contains a variety of ultra-effective ingredients to quickly remove organic deposits on machinery and metal engine parts.

AEROCLEAN quickly eliminates :

  • Grease
  • Oil
  • Carbon and hardened carbon
  • Surface rust
  • Dirt

Types of application

Cleaning times

Soaking basin

15 to 60 minutes


5 to 15 minutes


1 to 2 minutes

Safe for health, safety and the environment.

The AEROCLEAN degreaser is non-toxic and biodegradable according to the international OECD standard 301D. It reduces the cost of equipment maintenance by extending the life of parts thanks to its unique formulation that removes grease, oil and dirt.

Multiple uses

The AEROCLEAN degreaser eliminates grease, oil and dirt on:

  • Mechanical engine components of helicopters, airplanes, buses, subways, trains, boats, cars and trucks;
  • Metal structures such as bridges and highway overpasses;
  • Industrial and commercial machinery parts.
Comparison chart

AEROCLEAN cleaner and degreaser
(TCCA Approved)

Competitors’ cleaners
Caustic (sodium hydroxide, diethanolamine)

AEROCLEAN degreaser

Competitors’ cleaners
Caustic (sodium hydroxide, diethanolamine)



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