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The creation of Limz inc. comes from the association of two businessmen from Quebec that were destined to meet one day. Following n economic mission to Mexico and Columbia, Toby Gauld and Émile Arsenault stated that they could unite forces to develop and distribute innovative degreasing and deoxidizing formulas destined to the aerospace sector.

An association that went without saying

Toby Gauld (engineer) is the founder of Optima Aero, a distributor of high-quality refurbished and recycled helicopter engines.

On the other hand, Émile Arsenault founded Alicia Technologies, a business specializing in the production of eco-friendly deoxidizers and degreasers for machinery parts.

The association between the two men was clearly meant to be. M. Gauld has motor parts to recycle and refurbish while M. Arsenault develops nontoxic formulas to clean everything that’s oily, rusty or foul with dirt. Furthermore, each of them wishes to protect and preserve the environment!

Toby Gauld has a vast experience in advisory services and quality process to allow operators and aerospace parts maintenance workshops to reduce costs by recycling.

Émile Arsenault, who studied chemistry in Belgium, count more than 25 years of experience in research and development while also having a unique expertise in the optimization of use and recycling of products.

Magic formulas?

M. Gauld and M. Arsenault founded Limz Inc. in 2020. The business offers revolutionary and exclusive formulas destined for aerospace but they’re equally effective for the industrial, municipal and commercial markets. Limz’s formulas contain nontoxic, biodegradable and eco-friendly ingredients.

Fast and effective

The formulas created by Limz are safer for the health and security of users compared to other similar products currently on the market. The Limz degreaser and deoxidizer are 100% made in Quebec and distributed everywhere around the globe.

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